As an Animal House Incharge, I consider myself immensely fortunate to have formed a wonderful association with ABSS. Everything about the enterprise radiates commitment, customer service and superior quality. Their impromptu responses which cater to all my equipment needs and specifications is something I wholeheartedly appreciate. The company is equipped with industrious employees who give insightful suggestions and always ensure that I get the best product. Thanks for a Great job so far!

Dr. Nasreen Jahan

Associate Professor (Pharmacology), NIUM, Bengaluru

We would like to inform you that we have used air sterilization in our lab. We observed the performance of the unit at least for one week and found that the system has improved indoor air quality by minimizing particles, chemical odor, etc besides this it minimized the level of bacteria, Molds, Virus, etc affect up to 95% which sourced through HVAC in the Lab. We appreciate the effective performance of this product. Thanks & Regards

Dr. Ajinkiya

Pharmacology, Piramal Life Science Ltd

Dear Harish, We here by confirmed you that we have noticed better indoor environment after using the system, which has reduced the level of Odour, Bacteria, Virus Mold, Ammonia, particles etc. We appreciate your great service. Regards



Thanks for the complete Anaesthesia solution for Small rodents

IIIM – Jammu

Nesting pads and Gel packs are good for breeding and transportation

Dr. Shital

Metabolic cages are unique as it can be used for Rat as well as for mice also.

Dr. Ashok Acharya

Surgery Tools are good Quality and range is also good

Dr. P.P Saikia

Products are Good

Dr. Santosh

IISER – Pune

Innovative and excellent Products

Dr. Inderjeet

NBRC – Gurgaon

Zebrafish System is very Interesting

Dr. R Ramesh

Zebrafish Housing Systems are innovative design

Dr. Shahnawaz

Innovative design of IVC systems

Dr. Davinder Singh

ABSS have good rage of Innovative products

Dr. Rajendra Reddy

RAIR ISO IVC system Excellent features

Dr. Anjan

Air Sterilization is an Excellent product

Dr P. Sagar